Wake Up: break out of auto-pilot – episode 3

Chris Barez-Brown, author of 4 best selling books including Wake Up!, speaker of many key notes and founder of a funky development business called Upping Your Elvis!

Chris is a really cool guy who speaks openly and candidly during the interview and shares experiences and insights into how to we can escape our auto-pilot and Wake up to new possibilities!

Chris says we are constantly trying new things on (in life) and as our shapes keep changing, it’s important we continue to keep trying different things.

As with each of my interviews so far, there will be a noise in the background as one of Chris’s dogs tells him he’s ready for a walk!

Chris has kindly offered to ‘give away’ 3 copies of his book;

Wake Up! – escaping a life on auto-pilot

To enter this competition you need to…

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The winner will be announced across social media and published on the website.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the website: igniteperformance.co.uk

To find out more about Chris and what he’s up to check out;



And follow Chris on twitter as https://twitter.com/BarezBrown

& Instagram as https://www.instagram.com/chris_barezbrown/?hl=en

Suggestions from Chris;

Book: A world in two minds by Kenny Jamieson

An App: Wake up! – escape a life on autopilot (available on itunes and android)



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