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Challenging the norms

On this episode I share my interview with Cody Royle; author and host of Where Others Won’t, challenging the norms and going where others won’t. Cody is also the managing editor of Inner Voice with the goal of utilising the power of endurance sports to inspire change. When he’s not writing or speaking, Cody is […]

Where others won’t

In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Cody Royle, Author of Where others won’t; a book that focuses on taking people innovation from the locker room into the Boardroom. In his words Cody is; a football coach that writes books. He’s also a podcast host, keynote speaker and someone that lives by one […]

Helping leaders in sport and business to succeed

On this episode I share my interview with Jeremy Snape; Managing Director of Sporting Edge – a company helping leaders in sport and business to succeed. He’s also a former England cricketer, MSc sport psychology, conference speaker and coach. On work-life balance Jeremy says; One of the hottest topics in performance. Everyone is debating it […]

Our own mental battle

In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Jeremy Snape, Founder of Sporting Edge; a company set up with a focus on ‘winning our own mental battle first’. Jeremy failed in front of 120,000 people at a One Day International against India at Eden Gardens Kolkata in 2002, a life lesson was learnt. It […]

Solving problems

On this episode I share my interview with Karen Spenley, a champion for women in STEM with over 20 years in engineering solving problems and coming up with solutions for employees. STEM focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. On work-life balance Karen says; I think it’s one of those things that’s banded around but […]

An alternative path to mainstream

In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance, I interview Karen Spenley who talks passionately about whether or not there’s an alternative path to mainstream. Unsure what we might be talking about?! Karen is talking about females in engineering. With over 20 years in the oil industry she’s well placed to talk about this. Did you […]

Take & give care

On this episode I share my interview with Ian Braid, Founder and Managing Director of DOCIAsport and we talk about the lessons learned through his own journey with mental health and why ‘take and give care is important to him and all of us. On work-life balance Ian says; I suppose the headline is; it’s […]

Enthusiasm and wisdom

On this episode I share my interview with Greg Searle, Bronze medal winner in London 2012 twenty years after winning a Gold medal in Barcelona 1992 and we talk about the lessons learned through enthusiasm and wisdom. On work-life balance Greg says; I’ve managed to get myself at the age of 46 where I’ve been […]

Courage and vulnerability

On this episode I share my interview with Garry Turner, Founder of the Listening Organisation  and the newly created ‘Wellbeingchat’ community, focused on courage and vulnerability. On work-life balance Garry says; Until about 18 months ago I would have believed that it was statement. I’m finding progressively that we try and keep them separate, when […]

Happier and healthier lives

On this episode I share my interview with Leanne Davies, Founder of Run Mummy Run, the online community with 60,000 Facebook members focused on happier and healthier lives. On work-life balance Leanne says; It used to be the scales with the work on one side and life on the other. My work creeps into my […]

Putting contribution at the forefront

On this episode I share my interview with Mark Whittle, host of the Take Fl1ght Podcast & Founder of Take Fl1ght and we explore how Mark came to put contribution at the forefront of what he was doing. On work-life balance Mark says; Everybody is very very different. Before we have an opinion on it, we […]

Tough and feminine

On this episode I share my interview with Sarah Williams, host of the Tough Girl Podcast & Founder of Tough Girl Challenges and we explore how Sarah came to create something that is ‘tough and feminine’. Recognised by the Guardian in 2018 as one of the top 10 most inspiring contemporary female adventurers, Sarah epitomises everything […]

Challenging some assumptions

On this episode I interview with Phil White, co-author of several brilliant books including Unplugged with Andy Galpin & Brian McKenzie, Game Changer with Fergus Connolly, 17 hour fast with Dr Frank Merritt – challenging some of our assumptions. Background Phil was a guest on the show in Series 1 (episode 5) and we pick […]

Shining a light

On this episode I interview with Simon Austin, sports journalist and Founder of the Training Ground Guru – shining a light on the work going on behind the scenes in professional football. On work-life balance Simon says; I think it differs for each person and I’m not sure I’ve got in right. I love what I do and […]

Putting your health first

On this episode I interview Amanda Bate, Copywriter, Social Media Marketer and champion for putting your health first. As you listen more you’ll understand why this is the case. On work-life balance Amanda says; It’s doing what you want in your work life and doing what you want in your time away from your work. For […]

Energy in versus energy out

On this episode I interview Andrea Goodridge, entrepreneur and owner of a business called Ad Florem and she’s on a mission to help people understand more about ‘energy in versus energy out’. On work-life balance Andrea says; If you can find out what gives you energy and where you can add energy; that’s where I […]

Ignite your enthusiasm

On this episode I interview Tim Roberts; speaker, thought provoker and business owner on a mission to ignite your enthusiasm. On work-life balance Tim says; It’s a fascinating topic as I think it’s very individual. I prefer the term ‘life-work balance’ because that’s the way around it should be. Our priorities change with age. Background […]

Space to breathe

On this episode I interview Di Murray, entrepreneur and the energy behind Coming up 4 air and creating space to breathe. On work-life balance Di says; It’s quite an over-used term. I’ve become sensitised to the term work-life balance; the holy grail of what we’re trying to achieve. I wonder if it’s less about having […]

Stressed out

On this episode I interview Dave Algeo who talks amongst other things about being stressed out and the damage of the ‘shut the f*ck up type of attitude’ when it comes to mental health. On work-life balance Dave says; I like the perfect imbalance idea. I remember when work-life balance became a thing. I get it but the world of life is far more complex. Background Dave spent a number of years working in the police force before setting up […]

Happy New Year

On this episode Dr Emma Foden and myself wish you the listeners and all our guests a happy new year.  The majority of podcasts don’t get past 7 episodes and today we have finished the year with 31 episodes. The purpose of the podcast was to provoke new thoughts around balance and challenge the myth […]

Series 2 advent special

On this ‘advent special’ episode I look back over series 2 with Dr Emma Foden.  Series by numbers; 16 guests 18 episodes  2 x 2 part episodes 9 authors, 2 doctors and guests from 5 countries; England, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Australia. Advent Calendar In advent calendar style, Emma & I take it in turns […]

Making things happen

On this episode I interview Kate Richardson-Walsh; Olympic Gold Medal Winning Captain and most capped female hockey player in her country’s history. We talk about transitioning out of elite sport, obsession and making things happen. On work-life balance I think it is individual and it will change. Be curious about it and make the best […]

Being your best self

On this episode I interview Angela Cox; Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker & No 1 Best-selling Author, who helps others on their journey to ‘being their best self’. Passionate and driven on by her own earlier experiences in life, Angela is also on a journey herself. From being abused as a child to spending all of her […]

Sleep; the myth of 8 hours – episode 27

On this episode I interview Nick Littlehales, Elite Sleep Coach and author of Sleep; the myth of 8 hours, the power of naps and the new plan to recharge your body and mind. Very soon into our conversation, Nick talks about the need for downtime and recovery. He goes on to share his journey so […]

Seeing differently, working on purpose – episode 26

On this episode I interview Dr Steve Marshall; the man behind seeing differently, working on purpose. On work-life balance Steve says; On the face of it, it’s a good idea but I’ve never achieved it. I think my most successful moments have been when I’ve not been in balance. Background Steve started out with a […]

Doing what makes your heart sing – episode 25

On this episode I interview Fiona Murden, Occupational Psychologist, Speaker, Blogger and passionate about doing what makes your heart sing. Fiona spends a lot of her time profiling senior leaders of organisations (around the world) and helps them find a good fit within the business. On the back of this she is involved with executive coaching […]

Getting things done – episode 24

On this episode I interview Todd Brown; co-founder of Next Action Associates and pioneer of the Getting things done methodology created by David Allen. In a nutshell (Todd’s words) they are helping people be as productive as they can be and focused on the right things. Todd says; it’s not just about being busy. They […]

Changing the dialogue – episode 23 part 2

Welcome back to the second part of this episode where I interview Katy Murray & Fiona Smith from Catalyst Collective; the co-founders of a global network of world changing women with a focus on changing the dialogue. They came together and founded Catalyst Collective just over 12 months ago and provide a community and resources, including […]

Changing the dialogue – episode 23

On this episode I interview Katy Murray & Fiona Smith from Catalyst Collective; the co-founders of a global network of world changing women with a focus on changing the dialogue. They came together and founded Catalyst Collective just over 12 months ago and provide a community and resources, including on-line programmes and face to face coaching. […]

Understanding Pain – episode 22

On this episode I interview Richmond Stace the Pain Coach and one of the co-founders behind Understand Pain. Richmond is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in treating and coaching people to manage and overcome their pain. His purpose is to improve the world by reducing the suffering caused by chronic pain, measured by people living their best lives. His […]

Finding joy – episode 21

On this episode I interview Sarah McKiernan founder of Work-life Balance Management who talks openly about her own mental health experiences and how finding joy in what we are doing is so important. Sarah is a coach, consultant and speaker who’s work is focused on mental health and well-being as a whole. Where it began […]

Making mistakes – episode 20

On this episode I interview Fergus Connolly, author of Game Changer. In his own words; Fergus owes everything to failure and making mistakes. Where it began He moved back from the US and took up playing Gaelic football in his teens (which is quite late to take up the sport). Because he wasn’t as good, […]

Get out your way – episode 19

On this episode I interview Osmaan Sharif, owner of Rapid Transformation and host of The Get Out Your Way Podcast. In his own words; Osmaan saw the ‘light’ (in a really non ‘woo-woo’ way) & quit his corporate job to start his own business back in 2007 to  help people get better results, by changing the way they think, feel […]

Something to say – episode 18

On this episode I interview Alison Jones; business book publisher and podcast host with something to say. Her podcast, the Extraordinary Business Book Club has over 100 episodes for listening to check out. Alison works in publishing and partners business people ‘who have something to say’. Having been in publishing for over 25 years she […]

Act Boldly; time is limited – episode 17

On this episode I interview Jim Lawless; motivational speaker, author of the book Taming Tigers and living proof of why we all need to act boldly as time is limited. As a result of an unfulfilled job as a corporate lawyer and unsure about what the future looked like, Jim decided to act boldly and […]

Sweet ass domination – episode 16 part 2

Welcome back to the concluding part of my interview with Heath Armstrong; creator of the Sweet Ass Journal and Sweet Ass Domination Deck. Part 2 of this episode picks up where we left off, with more openness and thoughts provoked from Heath. If you’re a fan of reflecting and / or like to set goals […]

Sweet ass domination – episode 16 part 1

On this episode I interview Heath Armstrong; creator of the Sweet Ass Journal and Sweet Ass Domination Deck. Part 1 of this 2 part episode is packed with honesty and no bullshit. Heath says it how it is which is refreshing and enlightening in equal measure. His energy and enthusiasm gets you straight away as […]

How to develop courage

At what point are we taught how to develop our courage? The answer in short is; we’re not taught this. Well at least not directly. The principle is there and already deeply embedded in our culture according to a recent article written and published in Influencive. Think of a hero in a story (true or fictional) […]

Give, play, love, learn – episode 15

On this episode I interview the inspiring Emma Lannigan; co-author of the book Be Life Happy; give play love learn. Emma is a mentor and coach working across the well-being and marketing sectors; having started out as a marketer. She openly admits to not ‘fitting the model’ expected in the workplace during her career; being […]

Shine – episode14

On the first episode (14) of Series 2 I interview the excellent Gavin Oattes; co-author of the book Shine.   Gavin shares with us his journey from primary school teacher to stand-up comedian through to inspirational speaker and author. We talk about the power of story telling and the impact it has on others. Gavin […]

Highlights of Series 1 – episode 13

I’m joined by Emma Weigh (my wife) as we review and share some of our highlights from Series 1. This is the first time that we’ve been in front of the microphone together since co-hosting  a radio show back in 2010/11! We dive straight into firstly talking about how the podcast came about with Emma […]

A rolling stone – episode 12

A rolling stone that keeps on going and going. On this episode I interview Kriss Akabusi; not the GB track legend of the 400 metre hurdles & 4×4 relay team not as the tv personality that you may have seen in… but as the person he has become; thinker, philosopher, coach and a man oozing […]

An effective mindset – episode 11

Interview with Lindsay Woodford Applied Sports Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at University West of England in Bristol talking about a winning mindset and what she likes to refer to as an ‘effective mindset’. An ex-rower and now dressage competitor, Lindsay helps athletes mentally to prepare and perform. She has worked with Bath Rugby, England Rugby, […]

Creating the space – episode 10

Interview with Bri Seeley; life coach, reflector and an inspirational woman who talks passionately about creating the space. On this episode Bri shares her thoughts and personal experiences of operating from the inside out. Bri believes everything comes from within and she shares the benefits of beginning with stillness and creating the space for ourselves. […]

Finding your own formula- episode 9

Kirsty Mac renowned ‘business sorter outerer and all round good deed doer’ talks about finding your own formula on this episode. Head of experience for Raise the Bar, she’s also the owner of her own stationery business called Copper Scribbles and upside-down yogi! On this episode Kirsty also shares insight into how she has discovered what […]

Overcoming adversity, through adventure – episode 8

On this episode I interview Alex Staniforth who shares insight into how to overcome adversity through adventure. We begin by understanding a little bit about Alex and how he discovered his passion for adventure and undertaking challenges at an early age. He then goes on to talk about his own experiences of being bullied and […]

Balancing what you love and enjoy – episode 7

On this episode I interview Amy Kilpin who shares insight into how to combine what you love and being able to pay the bills. We begin by exploring how Amy came to find herself competing for GB in triathlons having not being able to swim a length of front crawl back in 2012! We then […]

Success leaves clues – episode 6

Professor Damian Hughes aka the Liquid Thinker is the author of 11 books; including Liquid Thinking, How to chance absolutely anything, How to think like Sir Alex Ferguson and The Winning Mindset, His latest book  The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a winning culture is out in August and available on Amazon to pre-order […]

Being at your best – episode 5

Phil White is an Emmy-nominated writer Phil White, Author of Game Changer (with Fergus Connolly & Jim Harbaugh) and Unplugged (with Brian Mackenzie and Andy Galpin). His latest book, The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt is out now and available on Amazon and all good book shops. Also look out for the forthcoming Waterman 2.0 with Dr. Kely […]

Sorted: being active episode 4

Juliet McGrattan is the author of Sorted: the active woman’s guide to health and up until very recently a GP. Juliet describes herself as a mother, runner and writer. She wears many hats (as you will discover during this interview). Juliet is hugely passionate about using exercise for health and well-being and trying to get […]

Wake Up: break out of auto-pilot – episode 3

Chris Barez-Brown, author of 4 best selling books including Wake Up!, speaker of many key notes and founder of a funky development business called Upping Your Elvis! Chris is a really cool guy who speaks openly and candidly during the interview and shares experiences and insights into how to we can escape our auto-pilot and […]

Unlocking your potential – episode 2

Kim Ingleby is multi award winning mind body coach, author and TEDex speaker. Kim has spent the last 15 years offering complete mind body management to help unlock your potential in life, sport and work. Kim is a fascinating woman who speaks from the heart during the interview and shares insight into how to unlock your […]

What’s right for you

What’s right for you isn’t necessarily going to be right for anyone else. It’s Mental Health Awareness week and it’s great to see and hear so many people speaking up and speaking out. The more we speak up and share the less that it becomes a taboo. We are all likely to suffer at some […]

Focusing on your strengths – episode 1

Mike Pegg has spent the past 40 years helping people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success. Mike is a fascinating guy and during the interview, shares insight around strengths coaching, provokes different ideas on work-life balance and talks about the importance of us having a picture of success. He shares […]

New: people, perspective, focus

Notice what happens when we meet new people. Our perspective begins to change. In some cases our focus also begins to shift. It’s that old adage of; do the same thing and get the same results. Mix with the same people and you keep a similar outlook. Lately I keep seeing the same quote; “if […]

Introduction to Perfect Imbalance

A short introduction to Perfect Imbalance. If you ever feel like you’re juggling too many things in your life, running out of time to complete tasks, or keep letting family and friends down last minute then this show is for you. If you’ve ever tried to achieve a better work-life balance but failed miserably and […]

When you’re smiling…

When you’re smiling…do you stop and notice what else is happening to you, your body and your mind? Or do you let the moment pass without acknowledging what’s going on around you? As I strive to be more mindful each day I’m beginning to notice more and more my own thoughts. It’s liberating and energising […]

Starting to Dip?

Have you started to dip?! What even is the dip? More to come…but first; Who started the year with a real focus. Like me, did you have lots of energy and plenty of enthusiasm. Perhaps you said to yourself this is the year where I’m going to make some big changes and achieve specific goals. […]

Fallen short, then work harder

Looking back over 2018; are you happy with what you’ve achieved so far or have you fallen short? If you’re happy, great. What can you take from the learning’s that you can keep applying throughout the rest of 2018? If you’ve fallen short, what are you going to do about it? Firstly ask yourself the […]

Being mindful

By chance, I’ve recently stumbled upon the practice of being mindful! One of my January goals has been to walk 10,000 steps each day. It’s not a lot (really) and I’m sure there’s many other people out there walking a lot further each day. It is however, a good challenge, especially when I’m working with […]

What the f#*k am I doing?

When was the last time you asked yourself the question; what the f#*k am I doing? Now we are through the whole new year new start mindset and discussions, ask yourself the question. What the f#*k am I doing? Before answering the question, reflect on the important areas of your life. Don’t just think about […]

Time hungry

When did we become hungry for time? Time has always been important. As children it’s often the balance of time spent at school versus playing. As students at university it can be the balance of revising and studying for that important exam versus socialising with new friends. As adults it’s the balance of work and career […]

Life balance

“Life is like a seesaw” Life inevitably provides a number of ups and downs, highs and lows. Work life balance has been talked about for years. For some people, they’d like more balance without knowing what this looks like or how they achieve it. For others they’d like less, as being out of balance allows them to […]

Being an Entrepreneur

There are many interpretations about what it means to be an entrepreneur. For me, an entrepreneur is someone who is always looking to improve how and what they do. The more successful ones are those that are dedicating time each day to new learning. They don’t settle on what yesterday delivered. Although this idea of […]