In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Cody Royle, Author of Where others won’t; a book that focuses on taking people innovation from the locker room into the Boardroom.

In his words Cody is; a football coach that writes books.

He’s also a podcast host, keynote speaker and someone that lives by one of his own values of going where others won’t.

Cody Royle

Connection and synergy

Cody and I first connected on Twitter through a shared passion and curiosity for many things including; sport, business and leadership. I reached out to Cody on LinkedIn to give him some feedback on his idea to release the whole series 1 of his podcast in one go!

That was back in January 2019 and within the space of 6 months we’d spoken several times and Cody had agreed to be a guest on the Perfect Imbalance Podcast.

I won’t give too much away but…Cody is not one for conforming or following the ‘rules’.

He’s an Australian living in Canada. Amongst the varied work that he does, he also coaches the Canadian Aussie Rules Football League team.

Origin of the concept; ‘Where others won’t’

I for one, was curious to understand from Cody where his idea came from.

Perhaps not as glamorous a story as you might expect he was;

Standing on a train platform waiting to come home and just thought of it. In his words it’s mostly around how teams create competitive advantage and generally they need to go where others won’t.

In many ways, this is where the beauty of the concept is. It’s simple and it’s different.

To coin a well known marketing phrase for a company in the UK; it does exactly what it says on the tin! (Ronseal).

Keeping with the theme of sport it does however, remind me of the Jerry Rice quote;

Today I will do what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.

The Book and Podcast

Where others won't book

Where others won't podcast

The book was published in March 2018 and has received great reviews. It contains a host of stories from renowned experts in their sports and provides a wealth of examples for the reader to take away.

The podcast follows a similar theme to the book; challenging a number of notions. Firstly that episodes should be released one at a time and secondly that a typical interview show should feature one guest. Cody has bucked these trends and his episodes feature a number of panel discussions. As mentioned earlier in this post, he also decided to share the whole of series 1 when he launched.

Find out more

You can order a copy of Where others won’t the book today and check out his website.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Cody Royle will be available here.