When you’re smiling…do you stop and notice what else is happening to you, your body and your mind?

Or do you let the moment pass without acknowledging what’s going on around you?

As I strive to be more mindful each day I’m beginning to notice more and more my own thoughts. It’s liberating and energising at the same time.

A smile may last only a brief moment, yet the impact can last significantly longer.

Smiling can trick the brain into happiness. Check out the recent article from NBC News.

“Even forcing a fake smile can legitimately reduce stress and lower your heart rate” says Dr. Sivan Finkel

The past week has provided me with many reasons to smile including recording my first guest interview for the brand new Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Mike Pegg. I’d been excited and looking forward to this interview for a couple of weeks. The Podcast was a challenge I’d set myself towards the end of February and this was important to me. Not everything went to plan as I experienced some ‘technical issues’ 24 hours prior to interviewing Mike! However, I still managed to smile at the situation and can smile even more now I’m getting closer to launching the Perfect Imbalance Podcast.

Take some time this week (as we approach the Easter period) to find things to smile about. It might be something simple like the clocks going forward and signs of Spring all around us. Pause and take a moment to see and feel what else is happening around you. April is upon us and the first quarter of 2018 will be behind us; more reasons to pause and reflect.

So what can you expect from Ignite Performance in the coming weeks?

The Perfect Imbalance Podcast will be launching in April. We have some more exciting guests lined up who will be sharing insight and provoking thoughts in the field of self development.

The first Blitz your Balance programme will start to be promoted in April. This 30 day on-line programme is aimed at busy people who are looking to take back some control over different areas of their lives and improve their balance. This will coincide with the launch of a new Facebook Group.

Exciting times here at Ignite Performance and cause for many smiles!

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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This week’s suggested reading is How to be Human: The Manual by Ruby Wax

This week’s suggested viewing is a TED Talk: You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions by Lisa Feldman Barrett 

Featured image by Caju Gomes

Reflection image by Dan Botan