What’s right for you isn’t necessarily going to be right for anyone else.

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and it’s great to see and hear so many people speaking up and speaking out. The more we speak up and share the less that it becomes a taboo. We are all likely to suffer at some stage and it’s ok to speak up and ask others for help. We can all be more mindful of those around us and when their mood or energy drops.

One the many things that impact our mental health is our balance.

We are living in a time when the distractions are greater than ever and whilst technology and social media can be a good thing, they can also have a negative impact on us. The need to copy (of follow) others or the desire to be liked or accepted hasn’t changed; they are just played out in front of everyone to see.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into balance and recently posed a question across social media;

What’s having the biggest impact on your balance (work-life balance)?
Is it the obvious;  – long hours – time management – feeling the need to take work home – no time with family and friends – health; diet and exercise – lack of sleep
Or is it something else?
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The results always interest me as balance means different things to each of us. What’s right for you, isn’t always going to be right for someone else.

Therefore, there’s no one magic solution to allowing all of us to gain a better balance.

If you’re looking for more (or less) balance in your life, perhaps you’ll find some answers whilst listening to the Perfect Imbalance Podcast.

Each week I’ll be interviewing a different guest and asking them to share their thoughts and insights into living a life that is a happier one, where we can enjoy more success and achieve greater fulfilment.

Episode 1 – Focusing on your strengths is available to download and listen to now.

Until next time, consider what’s right for you.

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Featured image by Andrej Lisakov