On this episode I interview Richmond Stace the Pain Coach and one of the co-founders behind Understand Pain.

Richmond is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in treating and coaching people to manage and overcome their pain.

His purpose is to improve the world by reducing the suffering caused by chronic pain, measured by people living their best lives.

His vision is a world that understands pain, which would mean less suffering and more living.

Where it began

Richmond started out training to be a nurse before he progressed into physiotherapy. Through working with people who were suffering, he made a conscious decision to focus his time and energy on pain.

He explores with his clients (and his audience) what he calls a ‘complete’ approach to pain and suffering. He treats the person as a whole; combining biology with psychology as he sees them being dependant of each other.

Richmond talks about the importance of mindfulness but not from the point of having a chilled out life, being calm or sitting cross-legged on a cushion! For him, it’s about becoming familiar with the way you think, how that’s embodied and becoming skilful with that and being able to let go of things that are unhelpful.

Fascinating and inspiring, Richmond is on a mission to change the way we think about pain.

At the end of the interview I ask each guest for a final take away.

Here’s some final words of from Richmond;

When you understand pain, you’re starting to change your pain. Understand your pain to understand your potential.

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