On this episode I share my interview with Sarah Williams, host of the Tough Girl Podcast & Founder of Tough Girl Challenges and we explore how Sarah came to create something that is ‘tough and feminine’.

Recognised by the Guardian in 2018 as one of the top 10 most inspiring contemporary female adventurers, Sarah epitomises everything that Tough Girl is all about.

On work-life balance Sarah says;

Work-life balance is this wonderful dream and these fabulous words which get banded about and is something that I massively struggle with as I don’t really have it. Sometimes I like to think I have it but generally I go from one extreme to the other.


Sarah has an on-line brand called Tough Girl Challenges which is all about motivating and inspiring women and girls. Encouraging them to dream big, to live their life to the fullest as well as to travel, to explore, to get fit and to go on adventures.

She does this through a number of ways including; having a blog, a podcast, writing books and part of her mission is to increase the number of female role models in the media.

Since setting up Tough Challenges in 2014, Sarah has regularly stepped outside of her own comfort zone. She has taken on a number of her own challenges including; running the Marathon des Sables, hiking the Appalachian Trail in addition to cycling the Pacific Coast Highway and the Baja Divide.


The more women that go out there and complete challenges; this will have a knock on effect on other areas in society. The ripple effect will be huge and we will start to see a better balance in everything from politics to films, sport and coverage.

Above all; it’s important for women to see it to believe it.

Sarah loves interviewing other women and sharing their stories for the Tough Girl Podcast. These women are completing inspirational challenges and therefore they are going to increase the number of female role models in the media.

Tough and feminine is a thread that runs through our discussion which Sarah is hugely passionate about. Challenging some of societies models, norms and expectations that we’ve previously been encouraged to believe.

Final take-away

Write it down. Everything that you want to achieve in your life; take 1o minutes to write down those things. be proactive and start planning your life.

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