On this episode I share my interview with Clare Moore (Head of Marketing) and Mark Williams (Chief Product Officer) at People First; a company revolutionising the way we work.

On work-life balance;

We are all individuals and all learn, develop, grow and think differently. As leaders we should respect that.

Balance means something psychologically different for every person.

The way we work

The way we work

People know that there is a problem with work and as a result that’s why people are gravitating to what People First are doing.

We are at our most unproductive at work right now. This leads to disengagement. There has been a lot of research into this area and their mission is to help people find more meaning at work.

More tech isn’t going to be the answer. Tech becomes the enabler to change the dynamics of the relationship between employee and employer.

No job for life anymore

The way we work suggests that there isn’t going to be a job for life anymore.

People First have developed a platform to enable adult conversations to happen. This will allow the person and organisation to stay aligned for a period of time until one or the other decides to change.

The research coming out at the moment is pointing towards the ‘work’ that we do as being important. Therefore, achievements tend to be linked to work rather than people’s personal lives.

Finding what you’re good at and being able to do that ‘work’ in work is going to be crucial.


A ‘fit-bit’ for work

Everything is centred around a conversation. As a result employees are able to ‘check in’ each day and capture moments of ‘flow’ similar to keeping a journal.

Therefore by having more regular conversations it facilitates better relationships and understanding.

Productively and engagement are higher when an individual and organisation are aligned.

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Finally if you would like to start a conversation with Clare & Mark, you can find them on Twitter;



Alternatively, find out more about Clare & Mark by reading the latest Ignite blog; People First

More details can be found on the People First website.

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