On this episode I share my interview with Ian Braid, Founder and Managing Director of DOCIAsport and we talk about the lessons learned through his own journey with mental health and why ‘take and give care is important to him and all of us.

On work-life balance Ian says;

I suppose the headline is; it’s very difficult. It’s more difficult if what you do is your passion. It’s very difficult to realise that you do need to switch off in order for you to able to fulfil what it is that you’re trying to do.


Ian has significant experience in sports leadership having held senior positions in executive and non-executive roles. As CEO of the British Athletes Commission he gained considerable knowledge of the infrastructure of sport and its governance.

He made important contributions to the development of sport – for example informing the DCMS report into “Duty of Care” in sport; the selection policies and processes for the Commonwealth Games 2018 and ensuring sport took more responsibility for “adults at risk” by securing Sport England funding for the Ann Craft Trust.



Sport is at a crossroads. In terms of performance this is because of a series of damaging allegations and protracted investigations into the culture at the top. Participation numbers continue to decline, and this will have an adverse effect on society with decline in physical and mental health.

Without volunteers and officials sport will struggle and these valuable contributors must be developed and grown. DOCIAsport is here to help by working in collaboration with others to deliver sustainable effective solutions.

Mental health is so important and sport or physical activity can help individuals both prevent mental illness or be a critical part of recovery and relapse prevention.

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