Following on from last weeks post on structure I’ve chosen to write this week about stuff.

A long weekend is usually something everyone looks forward to; especially Easter weekend!

This one however, presented the chance to address the amount of stuff that we have been accumulating over the years.

Not just physical stuff like clothes, books and spare chargers etc

Stuff including emails unread, apps on your phone and followers on social media.

We collect and hoard and then wonder why we get overwhelmed by it all.

Where to start?

The question facing myself and most people when committing to this.

My good friend and minimalist Chris Lovett has some great advice on this.

So that’s where I began.

I’ve asked myself, does this thing;

  1. bring joy to my life?
  2. add value to my life?
  3. serve a purpose?


Whilst I may have found this hard at first, I quickly got myself on a roll.

That pair of shorts I’m not going to wear or the old pair of trainers I’m holding onto…

It makes sense to move them on.

Even the 10’s of emails I’m subscribed to are adding little or no value to my life.

Society had said:

Get a job, buy a house, get loads of nice stuff, have lots of friends.

We’re rediscovering right now who and what are actually important.

The models or templates for living and working have been changing for a while.

In the space of a long weekend I’ve made a good start.

My attachment to stuff is changing and with a little bit of focus, maybe 30 minutes a day this will only become stronger.

Check out the article ‘Do you have too many clothes?’ by Chris Lovett and give it a go.

66% of adults in the UK claimed their houses are full of stuff they never or rarely use.

A good de-clutter might just be a good tonic for you right now.

It will certainly help you to be distracted in a good way.

Stay safe, big love x

*Note to self is a collection of thoughts that I’m sharing during this time to help me make sense of now.*