What goes first is the structure.

The structure of the day.

The one that determines a weekday from the weekend.

So what’s happening right now for you?

Have you hit a lull or is procrastination taking over?

Do you feel like giving up?

Perhaps you have already.

Seth Godin talks about this in his book The Dip.

The Dip being;

  • the long slog between starting and mastering
  • the combination between process and focused work
  • a set of screens set up to keep people like you (and me) out

You’ll be forgiven for being in a dip right now.


Ask yourself if you still want to make the changes you committed to (earlier in the year) and achieve certain goals.

Are you up for continuing the pursuit of these?

Do they even matter anymore?

If they don’t, park them.

If they do, what do you need to stop doing in order to focus on achieving them.

Like me, you’re probably being distracted by other things, hence the dip!

On the subject of distraction:

Are you telling yourself it’s just a distraction, or actually is it more likely to be an addiction?

What am I talking about?

Technology of course…and more specifically social media.

On occasion(s) I am guilty of merely looking and scrolling.

I mean who doesn’t right?

It’s a distraction and not an addiction…or so I tell myself!

Having recently read Irresistible by Adam Alter it’s left me pondering more than ever where I choose to focus my time.

Importantly, it’s left me thinking about what’s influencing me and what’s happened to my structure.

Each day I try to choose more wisely.

Stay safe, big love x

*Note to self is a collection of thoughts that I’m sharing during this time to help me make sense of now.*