On this episode I interview Dave Algeo who talks amongst other things about being stressed out and the damage of the ‘shut the f*ck up type of attitude’ when it comes to mental health.

On work-life balance Dave says;

I like the perfect imbalance idea. I remember when work-life balance became a thing. I get it but the world of life is far more complex.


Dave spent a number of years working in the police force before setting up his own business in 2006 in the world of learning and development. His focus tends to be in the space of resilience and mental health and helping those feeling stressed out.

Calling himself the Stress(ed) Guru; a tongue in cheek play on the perception of the many Guru’s out there! He’s open about the rough and tumble of life and says that’s what is exciting about life.

Host of Man Sprouts the podcast, Dave can often be seen and heard talking about vegetables! For those that remember Crackerjack, the losing contestants would often be saddled with cabbages!


Having gone through his own stress and fallen into arrears with his mortgage at Northern Rock; he’s some how been able to use his own experience to positive effect.

He loves to learn and loves to turn this into learning and teaching for others; making a difference in the long term not just in the moment.

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