On this episode I interview Di Murray, entrepreneur and the energy behind Coming up 4 air and creating space to breathe.

On work-life balance Di says;

It’s quite an over-used term. I’ve become sensitised to the term work-life balance; the holy grail of what we’re trying to achieve. I wonder if it’s less about having a perfect balance and more about what happens when we don’t have choice in either of those arenas.


Di works with individuals and organisations to (in her words) hold the space for people to explore, ponder and be more curious. Noticing and doing some deep listening was ultimately the essence of how Coming Up 4 Air came about.

Allowing others the space to breathe, in a place free of agenda Di sees herself more as a guide and a facilitator. As opposed to being the expert who has all the answers.

People attending Di’s retreats and workshops can expect an element of dis-comfort and intrigue which in turn builds trust through autonomy. Di sees her approach as a bit of an anti-dote to the craziness of the world.



One of the things about purpose is it shifts. People would describe me as a passionate disrupter.

I set out to disrupt people’s thinking based on what they know when they arrive on a workshop or retreat. I invite people to take risks in the space that I create.

Final take-away

Lighten up, laugh at yourself.

Straighten up, stand tall when you come into a room.

Speak up,use your voice for good.

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