Juliet McGrattan is the author of Sorted: the active woman’s guide to health and up until very recently a GP.

Juliet describes herself as a mother, runner and writer.

She wears many hats (as you will discover during this interview).

Juliet is hugely passionate about using exercise for health and well-being and trying to get the inactive moving.

Amongst her many roles are;

Resident health expert for Women’s Running UK

Resident health expert for UKRunChat

Women’s Health Lead and Master Coach for the 261 Fearless global

Director of 261 Fearless Club UK

Founding member and coach of my local club 261 Fearless Club Lune Valley

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It’s evident during our conversation that Juliet’s balance isn’t always great! However, what’s fascinating is understanding what works for her and how she’s turned her passions of exercise and general practice into her latest vocation and written her first book Sorted!

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