On the first episode (14) of Series 2 I interview the excellent Gavin Oattes; co-author of the book Shine.


Gavin shares with us his journey from primary school teacher to stand-up comedian through to inspirational speaker and author.

We talk about the power of story telling and the impact it has on others.

Gavin shares his thoughts on ‘doing what you love and enjoy’ and how many people ‘lose their Sunday to their Monday’!

He talks passionately about ‘Fire Up Scotland’ and why it’s important to him to do be doing this; as well as sharing how him and Andy Cope came together to co-author Shine.

Here’s some words of wisdom from Gavin;

You wake up in the morning and go to bed at night; what you do in between is life.

He also leaves us with some words of wisdom taken from the legend of the All Blacks;

No dickheads allowed. Don’t be a dickhead.

Find out more about Gavin and what he’s up to here

More details about Fire Up Scotland can be found here

Get your hands on his book Shine here

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And his business Tree of Knowledge

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