Following on from last weeks post on sharing I’ve been inspired this week to write about the shadow.

The theme for this week came to me during a chat with Jim McNeish and Kirsty Mac

We were exploring what’s happening right now in terms of attention and distraction.

Describing some of his own thoughts, Jim began talking about his shadow and how certain conversations had got him thinking about this.

I’ll confess that up to this point (during lockdown) I hadn’t really given much thought to my own shadow.

Some days I have no idea what I’m doing, never mind contemplating or considering the shadow I’m casting.

But it struck me, instantly the moment Jim mentioned it.


A definition of a shadow that is challenging my thoughts;

an inseparable attendant or companion.

Sit with this for a moment. Like me, notice the thoughts that pop into your head.

I’m not going to do the shadow any justice in this short post, but trust me, it’s there.

Kirsty and Jim have done a podcast episode on this and here you can discover more.

Go carefully, as I intend to.

To quote Jim;

Do it gently, do it kindly, do it bit by bit.

Creating space to…

During this time, I’m learning the importance of finding ways to;

  • Sit
  • Wonder
  • Breathe
  • Be

It’s not always easy and it doesn’t happen everyday.

I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to do anything.

And I try not to expect too much from others either.

Those closest to me are doing their best and trying to make sense of the world around them as well.


I live with hope.

What we’re seeing right now are unprecedented levels of kindness.

Perhaps this is in some way linked or part of our shadow.

I don’t know.

The #kindnessbypost initiative being facilitated by the Mental Health Collective is a great example of this.

Sending a card (this week via the post) to someone I’ve never met has filled me with joy.

I’m excited to see what is sent to me!

In the coming days and weeks I will endeavour to show more kindness, to others and also myself (and sit with my shadow).

Stay safe, big love x

*Note to self is a collection of thoughts that I’m sharing during this time to help me make sense of now.*