On this episode I share my interview with Aimee Bateman, Founder and CEO of Career Cake; a company pioneering the way we learn and enabling others to be seen, heard and valued.

Winner of several awards since 2010, Aimee was recently awarded by Wales online the Entrepreneur of the Year.

On work-life balance;

It changes depending what time of month it is or year or what’s going on in my life.

Work-life balance is such a personal thing. Firstly do you like your work. If you like your work, then work work-life balance isn’t really an issue.


Doing what you love and enjoy is the reason why I started my company.

Everybody deserves 8 hours a day to go somewhere where they feel seen, heard and valued so that it impacts the rest of their lives.

Aimee started off as a commercial recruiter. In 2010 there were an extreme amount of talented people who found themselves out of work in South Wales. The focus of the recruiter (at the time) was on placing people in roles for companies; not necessarily focusing on the people themselves.

This didn’t sit well with 29 year old Aimee who was about to earn a big commission on the back of placing someone in an Financial Director role! In that moment everything changed.


On the back of that moment, Aimee went home and bought a cheap camera on eBay and started making videos in her kitchen. Videos that would teach people how they would not need people like her. These included ‘How to’;

  • Write your own CV
  • Get your own interviews
  • Contact people via email to get an interview

All with a view to helping people power themselves and take control of their own situation.

It was 2010 and no one was really doing anything with videos at that time.

In 5 years Aimee received over 42 million views on YouTube.

Today, people and organisations are paying for subscriptions in 42 different countries.

Careercake is helping people to be awesome; how to be seen, heard and valued in their job.

Making a difference

What you see is what you get with Aimee.

Most of her teenage years were spent in foster care. This had an effect on her self esteem and has driven her onward in her life. Having been to university and got her first job in recruitment, her self esteem changed completely. To the point that it was oozing out of her! A lot of that came through being in a job where she was valued.

Admittedly, Aimee lost her way a little bit. For a couple of years she lost her ‘why’ she was doing it.

Having celebrated her 30th birthday in Ibiza with her friends, she returned and registered the domain Careercake.

Find out more

Finally if you would like to start a conversation with Aimee, you can find her on;




Alternatively, find out more about Aimee and Careercake by reading the latest Ignite blog; Beat the challenges you’ll face in your career

More details can be found on the Careercake website.

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