On this episode I interview Dr Steve Marshall; the man behind seeing differently, working on purpose.

On work-life balance Steve says;

On the face of it, it’s a good idea but I’ve never achieved it. I think my most successful moments have been when I’ve not been in balance.


Steve started out with a career in photography before deciding to apply for a role in the military. Having spent 22 years as a fighter pilot which he describes as an excellent career, he lost 26 of his friends in accidents. As he came towards the end of his ‘flying job’ he pondered what he might be able to do about the future accidents, as the current loss rate seemed to be deemed ok. Working with others he was able to influence some change to the organisational culture.

Helping others

Steve left the military in the hope that he could help people change the way that they think.

In his work as a change consultant, Steve worked with groups of people to help them learn in ways that they achieve a collective personal transformation.

He talks about values in organisations;

Often we go through life wearing somebody else’s clothes; somebody else’s face.

Whilst Steve continues to work with doctoral students, he’s just stepped away from the academic management role to pursue his love of image, vision, connection and ’seeing differently’ as we offer witness to each other – so in his words; following his deeper, truer purpose!

In some ways Steve’s returned to what he loves most; having first expressed an interest in doing photo journalism at school only to be sent off to do work experience in the local Foundry!

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