On this episode I interview Amanda Bate, Copywriter, Social Media Marketer and champion for putting your health first. As you listen more you’ll understand why this is the case.

On work-life balance Amanda says;

It’s doing what you want in your work life and doing what you want in your time away from your work. For some people their life is their work. It’s so personal.


Putting your health first has taken Amanda a lot of time and a lot of planning and ultimately culminated in her taking the leap of faith and leaving behind the comfort of the corporate world.

In her words; it was to achieve the best health, the best me; the best way I could present myself to the rest of the world.

Amanda was first diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was pregnant. It knocked her sideways and she was referred to see a counsellor, which at the time Amanda thought was a little over the top!

However, it was incredible to talk to somebody. What resonated most was hearing the counsellor saying; without your health, you will not be able to look after your baby.

Living with a chronic disease can often wipe Amanda out. One of the best tonics Amanda has found for her own well-being, is simply getting outside.


My purpose is writing content and raising awareness through using words; helping other companies to promote and market themselves.

Speaking candidly, it took Amanda 3 years to make the leap and leave an organisation that she’d worked in for 15 years.

Although she was working in communication and loving the world of communication, a lot of the writing she did was structured and regulated. Amanda had what she describes as an ‘itch’ that she needed to scratch.

This was where her blog started and through writing about her own illness, others started to find and connect with her.

Final take-away

Believe in yourself. Try and knock some of those fears away. Just do it.

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