On this episode I share my interview with Mark Whittle, host of the Take Fl1ght Podcast & Founder of Take Fl1ght and we explore how Mark came to put contribution at the forefront of what he was doing.

On work-life balance Mark says;

Everybody is very very different. Before we have an opinion on it, we have to define what work is and what life is. It’s difficult to find balance and I don’t think it exists.


Mark created Take Fl1ght on the back of a real low point in his life. Stressed and anxious to close a big sales deal, he had a ‘moment’ on his walk from the tube station that day. Passing a number of homeless people he began to question his own life. As a result he decided that he was going to put contribution at the forefront of what he was doing.

The podcast is focused on drawing out the secrets to success that his guests have discovered along their own personal journey’s. Whether that be professional athletes, entrepreneurs, business founders or lifestyle specialists.

The main goal of the podcast being to inspire listeners to take action towards achieving their own goals. Determined to normalise his guests as real people, Mark puts his sales skills experience to good use and is brilliant at interviewing each of his guests.

Focus on others

Determined and passionate about growing and developing, Mark continues to interview inspirational guests who’s stories need to be shared.

Mark openly admits that he’s a very different person today. He’s changing and learning all the time. As he’s got older his motivation has focused on bettering himself.

Creating the Take Fl1ght podcast has been the best thing he has done in his life. The opportunity to speak to amazing people in a positive, uplifting way is incredible.

Final take-away

There’s no such thing as balance. Find those things that you enjoy in life and fit them in as much as you can.

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