In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Clare Moore (Head of Marketing) and Mark Williams (Chief Product Officer) at People First. They are a company revolutionising the way we work.

People First is developing a better way to work which incorporates a multitude of things. These range from simplifying HR tasks, to boosting productivity and enabling more collaboration.


Their story

The brand name People First was picked and registered worldwide to reflect their aim to build an application that uniquely focuses on people’s needs and for the first time in the HR industry truly put People First.

In October 2017 they exploded on to the scene at HR Tech in Amsterdam with incredible feedback from the market that firmly establishes it as an innovative product.

A month later in November 2017 they were featured in The Times Future of Work supplement.

Their approach

Having discovered People First for myself via social media in July 2018 I was keen to understand what they were all about.

Curious and in the middle of my own research into well-being and work-life balance, I reached out to the organisation. After a couple of email exchanges I met Clare and Mark in September 2018.

The technology excited me instantly and the vision for the company resonated with my own thoughts around employee engagement and well-being.

At its core are five key elements:

  • The People First Alliance
  • Flow
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • Pragmatic People Analytics
  • Performance Check-ins

What’s happened since?

We’ve kept in touch since meeting last year.

Prior to Clare & Mark coming on the show, I agreed to write a guest blog for them on their website.

You can read the blog titled; ‘Well-being through well-doing’ here.

Following on from my guest blog, I was approached to speak as part of the first DisruptHR Nottingham event in April 2019.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about People First and their approach, check out their website.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Clare & Mark will be available here.