In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Jeremy Snape, Founder of Sporting Edge; a company set up with a focus on ‘winning our own mental battle first’.

Jeremy failed in front of 120,000 people at a One Day International against India at Eden Gardens Kolkata in 2002, a life lesson was learnt. It wasn’t the opposition who caused Jeremy to fail, it was himself.

In that moment Jeremy realised that for anyone to thrive in their careers, they need to win their own mental battle first.

It can happen to any of us

Whilst we may not take to the ‘field’ each day to represent our country or team; we find ourselves increasingly under the spotlight to perform.

Social media adds to this pressure as it has become an extension of our lives. In the past we would have switched off; gone for a walk or gone down the pub. Increasingly, nowadays we take to social media in the hope that we can block out the pressures of the day.

In the workplace we are encouraged to focus on the job in hand and deliver results. Yet managers are busier than ever and the opportunity to seek help becomes less.

Only recently, in the last few years has more emphasis and care been shown towards the employee and how they deal with their own mental battle. The same is apparent in sport (as shared by Ian Braid on a recent post) and other areas of society.

What’s the answer?

We’ve never been very good at doing or viewing failure positively.

Right from an early age it’s discouraged or at best not spoken about.

Jeremy shares;

Failure is part of sporting success, you have to keep dusting yourself down with the snakes and ladders game.

There’s so much learning to be gleaned from our own failures that can positively contribute to winning our own mental battle.

Sporting Edge

Jeremy and the Sporting Edge team have spent a decade distilling the wisdom of the world’s leading thinkers, academics and performers into practical learning content and tool-kits, bridging the gap between business and sport.

Their insight-led approach takes the modern learner Inside the Mind of Champions®, where they discover the real life stories, wisdom and strategies from our global network of sports, academic and business experts.

They help leaders navigate change and challenge with confidence. They teach teams to collaborate and innovate. They give employees focus, motivation and resilience. They do this through inspiring keynotes, masterclasses, Q&A sessions and pioneering online digital coaching programmes

Find out more

Winning Mindset for Individuals30 day programme which helps people to become more confident, focused and resilient. (Next cohort starts 31st May – 3 month access to content) £399 pp – group discounts available. It consists of a profile and a 5-minute micro-lesson from a sporting icon each morning at 7am to help people who feel under pressure or going through big change and uncertainty at work.

Winning Mindset for Leaders12 week programme with full access to our digital Performance Zone library of 750 insights. A weekly challenge on 12 key leadership issues (next cohort starts 10th May plus 6 access to content)  individual places £749 with group discounts available. There are monthly coaching webinars and the three modules are leading self, leading others, leading the organisation.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Jeremy Snape will be available here.