In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I share my interview with Chris Lovett; life coach, speaker and career mentor who most recently has channelled his energy towards being a Minimalist.

Chris is a fascinating guy with a passion for music and helping others.

For a large percentage of his life (in his words) he was;

Quite content drifting though life in the comfort zone, collecting stuff




This may sound like you (and me)!

Chris had the realisation that he wanted to achieve things in his life. However, he was putting barriers up that prevented him from doing so.

Society says; get a job, buy a house, look like this, buy this etc.

The stuff that he had collected included;

  • Too many clothes
  • Debt
  • Unused items (just in case)
  • Comparisons
  • Assumptions
  • Negative self fulfilling prophecies

Creating a new path

One of the things he wanted to do (and put off) was travelling.

In order to this he decided to hit the reset button.

One of the first steps on his way to being a minimalist was the removal of physical stuff in his environment that didn’t add value.

Have a go and ask yourself the question;

Does this bring joy to my life

So what?

Chris now chooses where to apply minimalism in his own life and is supporting others with their journey. He shares some top tips in the forthcoming episode and you can find out more by heading over to his website

Find out more

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