On this episode I share my interview with Chris Lovett; life coach, speaker and career mentor who most recently has channelled his energy towards making a different choice.

Chris does a few things.

There’s a theme developing where Chris finds himself supporting others through a passion.

He’s currently a leadership coach having arrived there via music, DJ’ing, radio host and podcast host; developing others along the way.

He’s also a minimalist.

On work-life balance;

It feels like I’ve been talking about this for a while. I used to strive for whatever the work-life balance was. But I don’t think that aiming for balance should be the goal. We may have intermittent moments of balance but life is too chaotic.

Like a modern relationship, balance as changed and we have to do more than the perceived 50/50 split. It’s a constant fluid approach, changing as we go.









When I found minimalism I had to make some choices about what added value to my life. I’d started to fall out of love with music and had to make a choice.

Chris decided to cut ‘live’ events (which he was running fortnightly) and a few other commitments.

If unsigned artists want some feedback he will still make himself available to do this. Not wanting all of his music experience to go to waste Chris is very passionate about supporting others.

Being self aware Chris found himself in a comfort zone.

Making a different choice

He had always wanted to go travelling. He was caught up being busy and put up barriers to prevent him from doing this.

The realisation that stuff was adding to more stuff and being stored in stuff brought home the need to make some changes.

Chris began to sell some of his stuff and initially struggled to let go because of his emotional attachment to his stuff.

Selling stuff however, allowed him to pay off his debt (something else he’d collected).

Building on this he took a career break, his partner quit her job and they sold the house.

At this point there wasn’t a lot of stuff left!

The biggest result;

Realising that he could live and be happier in life with less.

What can you (and I) do?

The physical act of removing something from your environment is pretty straightforward. The attachment to the stuff you’ve got is hard.

Ask yourself, does this thing;

  1. bring joy to your life?
  2. add value to my life?
  3. serve a purpose?

You and I can apply this apps on our phones or email that you are subscribed to.

Taking it a stage further you may want to look at some of the relationships in your life.

Take on a 30 day minimalist challenge to de-clutter an area of your life and share with Chris and myself how you’re getting on.

Find out more

Finally if you would like to start a conversation with Chris, you can find him on;






Alternatively, find out more about Chris by reading the latest Ignite blog; Being a Minimalist

More details can be found on their website.

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