On this episode I share my interview with Nina Grunfeld, founder and creator of Life Clubs and a woman of many other talents who’s been helping people with ‘living happier lives’ for over 15 years.

Nina founded Life Clubs in 2004 and they host workshops that help people really feel as positive as they can and get more fun out of life.

On work-life balance;

I’m a bit of an obsessive worker and absolutely love it. I don’t think I see it as work-life balance, I see it as life balance. It’s not just work and life as that sounds to me like they have equal weight on the scales.

Within Life Clubs and the work we do, we have a wheel which encompasses 10 areas including work, relationships, family etc. This allows for lots of different things in our lives and it’s alright to want to have a balance of only work sometimes.

Balance is important for all of us. But maybe it’s the balance that ‘you want’ rather than what you think you ought to have.






Where it all began

I read an article in 2002/3 about 30 year old’s being the most depressed sector of society.

Looking back on my own 30’s I remember they were quite tricky. Lots of big decisions are made during this period of our lives and Nina wondered how she could help those 30 year old’s. Someone walked in talking about Weight Watchers and that sparked the idea.

Forever the optimist, Nina set out with the idea of running these all over the country!

Today they run a number of Life Clubs as well as taking the approach into corporate businesses, helping others with living happier lives.

Prior to…Life Clubs

From graphic designer with a link to Star Wars to writing her first book on ‘stain removal’ there is more to Nina than you might expect. Her first book sold over 1 million copies!

More writing and books followed, yet Nina’s hobby remained the same; helping her friends to find what they’d really love to do.

Trained as a Life Coach and using her intuition, the rest is there for us all to see.

One of my favourite quotes from Nina is;

I’m a bit like Richard Branson without the massive success. I’m always in danger of spreading myself too thinly.

What’s next?

The tools learned by Nina over the years are so useful that she’s turning towards charities and other sectors that haven’t always experienced the benefit of this knowledge and approach.

Stubborn, dogged and determined it will be interesting to see what happens next with Nina’s latest plans.

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Alternatively, find out more about Nina by reading the latest Ignite blog; Being part of a club

More details can be found about Life Clubs on their website.

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