On this episode I share my interview with Jordan Gross; executive coach at Cloud Nine Living whose purpose is to light people up.

A 2 time author, 3 time company founder and also a tedx speaker.

Jordan is currently on a mission to appear on 90 shows in 90 days which includes this one!

On work-life balance;

I’ve thought about it a lot and I actually hate that word.

It’s work-life integration and it’s a feedback loop. Work should flow into life and vice versa.


Jordan seemed set for a great career having obtained a management role in a prestigious restaurant. However, 4 months in he took a step back and realised he wasn’t having the impact that he wanted to have.

He left that job and decided to write his first book (which he self published) titled; ‘Getting Comfy’ – your morning guide to daily happiness. It focuses on optimism and positivity.

Cloud Nine Living

Jordan has recently set up Cloud Nine Living (a business) where he works with people and walks them through a process that truly ‘light people up’.

The journey to Cloud Nine is also a fiction book; allowing the reader the opportunity to interpret it for themselves.

Consequently as part of his research, Jordan has interviewed lots of people to understand their ‘cloud nine’ moments.

Light people up

The aha moment!

Many of us are obsessed about having an ‘aha moment’.

Jordan’s ‘aha moment’ was the realisation that he didn’t need an ‘aha moment’ to take control of his own life and get things started. That’s exactly what he did when he decided to write Getting Comfy.

However, with Cloud Nine there was an alignment of the stars that got him going. But you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out!

What I will share is that it involves Jordan having a conversation that involves an example of a cloud nine moment. Light people up is exactly what Jordan did to me during our conversation and this is now core to everything he does.

Find out more

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Alternatively, find out more about Jordan by reading the latest Ignite blog; Cloud Nine Living.

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