“Life is like a seesaw”

Life inevitably provides a number of ups and downs, highs and lows.

Work life balance has been talked about for years.
For some people, they’d like more balance without knowing what this looks like or how they achieve it. For others they’d like less, as being out of balance allows them to achieve success in certain areas of their lives.
If you don’t know what ‘balance’ looks like for you then it becomes difficult for you to put steps in place that will allow you to achieve a better ‘balance’.
When you begin to take control over the many areas and different aspects of your life, you’ll become less susceptible to the seesaw effect.

Over the last 2 years I’ve been conducting some research around the areas of work-life balance. In truth the whole experience has been fascinating and enlightening. Meeting and speaking to so many different people who do such a diverse set of occupations and have such weird and wonderful vocations.

This research itself has covered a number of areas including;

  • a survey to understand more about what it means to different people
  • a series of experiments / challenges to understand more about how time plays an important part
  • short interviews to further understand what balance people have in their lives

The research and learning continues (for myself as well).

What I have determined is that for most of us, work-life balance isn’t achievable. It’s a myth which we have been sold and which in a lot of cases we still strive for.

Check out the Perfect Imbalance Podcast to hear what the likes of Chris Barez-Brown, Amy Kilpin, Bri Seeley, Kriss Akabusi and others have to say about balance.

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Image thanks to Lacie Slezak

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