In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I share my interview with Bronwen Thornton, Chief Executive Officer of Walk21 an international charity leading the walking movement.

As a charity they are dedicated to ensuring the right to walk and opportunity to enjoy it is supported and encouraged for everyone across the world.

When Karen Spenley, my guest from episode 45 (Solving problems) suggested Bronwen as a future guest on the show I was intrigued. In fact her words were;

Bron heads up a charity advising cities on walking. She’s forever jetting off to foreign climes yet always seems to manage time to walk her dog.

I think you’ll have a great chat!


Straight away I researched Walk21 as I couldn’t quite believe that there was a charity encouraging (and ensuring) that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy walking. I’ll admit, walking was something I’d taken for granted all of my life until this point!





Consequently, the more I discovered the more I read on.

With an annual conference hosted around the world this is a charity making waves globally and bringing people together.

I quickly realised what I’d taken for granted, was important to so many people.

Established in 2000 with a conference in London a Charter followed and was created in 2006.

This Charter identifies the needs of people on foot. It provides a common framework to help authorities focus their policies, activities and relationships to create a culture where people choose to walk.

Leading the walking movement

Leading the way (as CEO) is Bronwen and it was a real pleasure to spend time with her understanding more about walking, Walk21 and well-being in general.

Walking is for all of us; it’s inclusive for everyone.


Bronwen provoked many thoughts in my mind. Not least that everybody is doing it (walking) yet nobody thinks about it. This left me thinking what else is passing us by each day as we go about our daily business.

As a result I pledge to walk more and to notice what else I’m missing out on.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Walk21 and the Conference in Rotterdam, check out the link.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Bronwen will be available here.

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