On this episode I interview Tim Roberts; speaker, thought provoker and business owner on a mission to ignite your enthusiasm.

On work-life balance Tim says;

It’s a fascinating topic as I think it’s very individual. I prefer the term ‘life-work balance’ because that’s the way around it should be. Our priorities change with age.


Tim has a background of working within learning and development for a number of organisations. 2018 has been a defining year for him as he struggled and came to terms with his own mental health. Emotional intelligence and being able to draw on this has enabled him to find the strength and the courage to be able to start to talk about this.

As 2018 came to a close, Tim set up Enthuse Coaching. He’s now ready to embark on a different journey in 2019 and help others find ignite (or re-ignite) their enthusiasm for life and for work.

I’d really encourage organisations to look at people as human beings and individuals and not be afraid of saying; ‘this person needs something different right now’.

A previous boss was very good at recognising this when Tim was going through challenges in relation to his own mental health. On the other hand his employer did nothing. Tim doesn’t think they knew what to do and as result did’t want to put any additional pressure on him.

The message here is: ask your employees what they want (and not through a survey where they have to choose from 5 options).



I see my purpose as making people think.

My work involves working with organisations to enable them to recognise what they are in control of and ignite or re-ignite their enthusiasm for their work.

Leaders play a key part in this and Tim asks the people he works with; what do you stand for?

Tim provokes many thoughts during our interview and talks passionately about not waiting.

He says; put the music on that you love, where the clothes you want to and spend the time with the people who mean the most to you.

Final take-away

Emotional Intelligence will get you further in life than anything else.

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