I’m joined by Emma Weigh (my wife) as we review and share some of our highlights from Series 1.

This is the first time that we’ve been in front of the microphone together since co-hosting  a radio show back in 2010/11!

We dive straight into firstly talking about how the podcast came about with Emma asking me some questions for a change.

Secondly we both discuss and share our highlights / best bits from Series 1.

We finish off by providing a flavour of what to expect in Series 2 and sharing some of the other projects that I’m currently working on.

A huge thank you to Emma for agreeing to be part of the review for series 1.

Her support has been invaluable, especially during those times when I’ve come back from interviewing a guest and said; how about we have a go at this!

You can find out more about Emma and what she’s doing by following her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

It’s been a pleasure and a real privilege to have interviewed such fantastic people during Series 1 and I’m already looking forward to Series 2 and what that has to bring.

A big thank you to all of my guests;

Mike Pegg, Kim Ingleby, Chris Barez-Brown, Juliet McGratton, Phil White, Damian Hughes, Amy Kilpin, Alex Staniforth, Kirsty Mac, Bri Seeley, Lindsay Woodford and Kriss Akabusi.

I’ll be taking a short break before coming back in September with Series 2; where I’ll be sharing some more guest interviews and insights for people to live a happier more successful life and one with greater fulfilment.

Until then, keep an eye out for … some short bite sized videos on YouTube showcasing some of the key take-aways from series 1 and look out for some sneaky previews for Series 2.


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Thank you so much for listening to Series 1;

Until then, remember this:

when you have a balance enjoy it;

when you’ve got an imbalance embrace it…

for in those moments you are striving towards achieving your next success, increasing your happiness or looking for greater fulfilment

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