On this episode I share my interview with Jeremy Snape; Managing Director of Sporting Edge – a company helping leaders in sport and business to succeed.

He’s also a former England cricketer, MSc sport psychology, conference speaker and coach.

On work-life balance Jeremy says;

One of the hottest topics in performance. Everyone is debating it because it’s so illusive. Trying to find balance is becoming harder and harder. I love doing what I’m doing and wouldn’t change it. Partly it’s about energy balance rather than time management.


Jeremy spent 19 years as a professional cricketer. He played with some very talented people and was privileged to have represented his country. On his debut tour of India at Eden Park in front of 120, 000 people the pressure got to him. In his words, he failed in front of that huge crowd.

Not being beaten by India, not being beaten by a particular difficult delivery to hit; it was the voice in his head. After years of practice and playing, no one had told him what to do with his head. He thought he was the only one under pressure.

Sporting Edge

This set him off on a bit of a quest to discover what could be done to support similar people in similar situations in the future. Having retired from Cricket Jeremy studied a masters degree in sports psychology and then set up Sporting Edge.

Sporting Edge is high performance consultancy that works with elite sport and business teams on this winning mindset.

Jeremy has worked with Shane Warne in the IPL, South Africa Rugby and Eddie Jones and England Rugby, Most recently he has worked with Pep Guardiola at Man City.


When you’re playing international sport, with lots of cameras on you it’s pretty transparent and you have to be honest. In your own mind you know if it’s a technical issue, a fear or lack of skill.

Failure has been my best teacher.

Every step of the way during his career has been failure. It’s been more like snakes and ladders; using the motivation as fuel to navigate choices. It’s definitely been a key driver in his career.

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