On this episode Dr Emma Foden and myself wish you the listeners and all our guests a happy new year. 

The majority of podcasts don’t get past 7 episodes and today we have finished the year with 31 episodes. The purpose of the podcast was to provoke new thoughts around balance and challenge the myth of work-life balance in particular.

A Perfect Imbalance

This has been presented as an alternative to work-life balance; one which is more empowering rather than limiting. 

We’ve captured this with a simple formula;

Purpose + Awareness +/- Balance = Success

Lessons from 2018

The lessons learned from series 1 and series 2 include;

The power of connecting and reaching out to others in your network and social network. Prior to launching the show, I’d only met 8 of my guests and interacted with 9 via social media.

Intermittent fasting has had a significant impact on both of our lives and this was first shared with us by Phil White on episode 5. Better choices around food and portion size have changed our lifestyle.

The importance of talking and sharing has become more apparent through the year and guests like Emma Lannigan and Sarah McKiernan being so open are positively leading the way with this.

Being comfortable with who we are is highlighted perfectly by a number of guests including Fergus Connolly. Making mistakes is part of our growth and development, yet society (in the main) has a negative view of failure.

Happy new Year – a look ahead to 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, each series will feature 12 brilliant guests and a review show at the end of each series.

Dr Emma Foden has agreed to host a regular feature, sharing the latest news and thoughts around well-being and mental health.

Listeners can get involved with the show by asking questions on social media using the hashtag #perfectimbalance. These can be posed to either myself, the guests or Dr Emma Foden.

If you would like to be a guest on the show then you will be able to apply through the website. The line up for series 3 is almost complete but we’re seeking more guests for series 4, 5 & 6.


For the very first time, Brands will have the opportunity to get involved with the show. If you have a product or service that you think fits with the ethos of the show then please get in touch for more details.

Packages will be available for 4, 6 or 12 episodes or an entire series.

Start a conversation with Dr Emma Foden on;



If you enjoyed this episode then check out the others from series 1 & 2 here.

Tune in next time to hear me interviewing Dave Algeo the Stress(ed) Guru on the first show of Series 3.

Until then I’d like to thank all the listeners for tuning in this year and to all my guests for taking time out to share their stories.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2019.

Jeff & Emma x