On this episode I interview Todd Brown; co-founder of Next Action Associates and pioneer of the Getting things done methodology created by David Allen.

In a nutshell (Todd’s words) they are helping people be as productive as they can be and focused on the right things.

Todd says; it’s not just about being busy. They want to help people at the same time to lower their stress levels.


Todd discovered the work of David Allen when he was starting a new job; watching a seminar of his whilst he was waiting for his computer and work-space to be set up.

However, whilst it was an epiphany moment, a lot of what David was talking about resonated with Todd. Things like; how do I keep my head clear so I can focus on whatever I choose to focus on.

Over the coming months Todd started to implement some of the tools and ideas from the Getting things done methodology before deciding to set up Next Action Associates.

At Next Action Associates

We have a definition of work;

work is anything in your life that isn’t the way you want it to be

Essentially this is the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

Things are coming at us faster than ever before and we are always available. We all need strategies to be able to deal with what’s coming at us each day. The ‘commitments’ as Todd and initial David Allen refers to them as.

It hasn’t always been the case in Todd’s career but the work he is doing now (and has been doing over the last 10 years) is what considers to be ‘important work’.

Openness to being a beginner

Many of us are afraid of being a beginner.

There’s a great quote from Sting;

I’m never afraid of being a beginner.

We don’t all have the luxury of doing what we love all of the time, but as we go through life it’s important that we pay attention to whether or not what we are doing is aligned to our deeper purpose. The Getting things done methodology allows you to get into a state of flow and optimise each part of the process; capture, clarify, organise, reflect and engage.

Todd’s thoughts on work-life balance.

If we felt like we were always in balance, life would probably get a bit dull. A very important part of life is getting out of control, getting out of balance.

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