Well, are you getting enough sleep?
Would you like more or are you happy to go with less?

In a recent Twitter Poll I asked on average how many hours sleep people were getting each night.
Out of 220 people;
65% were getting between 6-8 hours per
5% were getting 9 hours
28% were getting between 4-6 hours
2% were getting less than 4 hours

Perhaps you’re someone who’s allowed yourself to be influenced by FOMO – a fear of missing out!

Maybe it’s just not that important to you.

“We used to worry about not having enough sex – now it’s lack of sleep that’s keeping us awake at night”. Karen Kay

The majority* of Britons – 70 per cent of us – sleep for seven or less hours a night (the recommended amount for adults aged between 18 and 64 is seven to nine hours, and those over 65 need between seven and eight hours).
While more than one third of UK adults get by on between five and six hours (according to a recent newspaper article).

Perhaps you work in an organisation that rewards ‘workplace warriors’; workaholics who treat work as a 24/7 proposition – see the article from the Talent Economy

During my research into work life balance over the last 2 years, sleep has started to fascinate me more and more. (Especially when you add in that we have a little girl who’s nearly 3 and who regularly wakes in the night!)

There are some clear benefits to a good nights sleep including;
1. It helps reduce stress
2. It can improve your memory
3. It can lower your blood pressure
4. It helps your body to fight back
5. It puts you in a better mood
6. It can help you maintain your weight
7. It helps keep your heart healthy

Still need convincing or perhaps you’re functioning at your best already.

Here’s some tell-tale signs that you might have sleep deprivation (and that it’s time to take action);
– excessive sleepiness
– yawning
– irritability
– daytime fatigue

Bizarre fact:
60% of people globally have admitted to having slept holding their phones

The following successful people have admitted to making sleep a priority and regularly get 8 hours plus per night;
1. Jeff Bezos
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Bill Gates
4. Cameron Diaz
5. Warren Buffett
6. Arianna Huffington
See here for more

Take a look at the predicted trends for 2018 here

A final thought on before I leave you to continue with my research into work life balance;
“the person you want to fly your aeroplane, operate on your body, teach your children or lead your organisation tomorrow, is the one who sleeps soundly tonight”. Tom Rath – Eat Move Sleep

Until next time, have a great week and an even better sleep…


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NB. In terms of myself, I’ve been living with broken sleep for the last 2 months and I can see it’s taking its toll on me. One way of countering this is to get outside and to exercise or walk, even if it’s for 30 minutes. It allows me to reflect and re-focus.