On this episode I interview Osmaan Sharif, owner of Rapid Transformation and host of The Get Out Your Way Podcast.

In his own words; Osmaan saw the ‘light’ (in a really non ‘woo-woo’ way) & quit his corporate job to start his own business back in 2007 to  help people get better results, by changing the way they think, feel & act.

Osmaan works with people; helping them ‘Get out of their own way’.

He finds himself doing this on a daily basis; helping people to challenge some of their thoughts and overcome some of their fears.

Since launching his own business in 2007 he’s helped hundreds of small to medium sized business owner’s transition from the corporate world thinking and being an employee, to thinking and behaving like an entrepreneur.

Transform your Mindset

As a coach, Osmaan talks passionately about using tools & techniques from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Wealth Dynamics to help people get unstuck.

Osmaan took the decision to launch his own podcast in May (2018) this year on the back of clients and friends asking him if he was going to have his own podcast! 19 episodes in and Osmaan has developed a core following amongst business owners and people wanting to ‘Get out their way’.

Some final words of wisdom from Osmaan;

Honour your own self and your super power. Understand it, discover it and truly embrace it.

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