Mike Pegg has spent the past 40 years helping people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success.

Mike is a fascinating guy and during the interview, shares insight around strengths coaching, provokes different ideas on work-life balance and talks about the importance of us having a picture of success.

He shares practical tools and models which enable people to gain clarity on their purpose.

He talks passionately about what successful people do and how we can each build on our own strengths.

In a slight twist, he flips Managing your Chimp over to Channelling your Champ!

Listen out for ‘Bonny the Dog’ and the competition at the end of the interview.

You can find out more about Mike on his website: thepositiveencourager.global

And follow Mike on twitter @mikepegg1

In true Mike style he has kindly offered to ‘give away’ a signed copy of his book; The Art of Strengths Coaching.

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Suggestions from Mike:

Book: Behavioural First Aid – managing emotions during emergencies by Virginia J Duffy

Article: Channelling your Champ

Ted Talk: Disarming with Empathy by Jo Berry