On this episode I interview Sarah McKiernan founder of Work-life Balance Management who talks openly about her own mental health experiences and how finding joy in what we are doing is so important.

Sarah is a coach, consultant and speaker who’s work is focused on mental health and well-being as a whole.

Where it began

Sarah’s first career was within the IT industry in Australia, working long hours and with a lot of pressure. As a result (and in her own words) she had a nervous breakdown. The medical terms she was diagnosed with were; anxiety disorder, somatic disorder and panic attacks.

Through her own pain and suffering Sarah discovered her passion; helping others.

Finding her own joy has provided a platform that allows Sarah to combines analysis and process improvement with her coaching; working with organisations and also private clients.


Whilst we share a slightly different view on work-life balance, we both agree that a balanced life is not a perfect one. Balance is important (at times) and this tends to be the space between the extremes.

Insightful and inspiring, Sarah is gentle and compassionate.

At the end of the interview I ask each guest for a final take away.

Here’s some final words of from Sarah;

Don’t leave it too late to work out what matters to you. 

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