On this episode I share my interview with Greg Searle, Bronze medal winner in London 2012 twenty years after winning a Gold medal in Barcelona 1992 and we talk about the lessons learned through enthusiasm and wisdom.

On work-life balance Greg says;

I’ve managed to get myself at the age of 46 where I’ve been passionate about sporting goals, passionate about business goals and through experience I’ve got perspective. I’ve got a reasonable balance in my life.


At 20 he won an Olympic Gold medal and 4 years later he won an Olympic Bronze medal. By the time the next Olympics came round Greg was newly married, with his wife expecting their first child. A home owner with work responsibilities as well; Greg’s focus and energy towards rowing had shifted as result. Because of these competing things got in the way and he finished in fourth position at his 3rd Olympics.

Similarly at 28 he believed he was capable of better and probably at the peak of his physical powers.

Peak performance

Greg is the founder of the company 2040 inspiring peak performance in teams and individuals. This is achieved through sharing the behaviours required to bring the ‘enthusiasm’ he had at 20 coupled to the ‘wisdom’ he had at 40. He’s also the Chief Innovation Officer for Keys Business a concierge company.

London 2012;

I wanted to comeback and wanted to put Sydney 2000 right. This was an opportunity to do something I was really proud of. We agreed (my wife and I) that this would be an adventure that we’d share for the next 3 years.

Greg had a lot of interest from others at the first trials. He overcame the first hurdles and then got closer and closer to being invited into the team. His reception was largely warm. Over the course of time it didn’t become much of a factor. He was ‘old Greg’ and the others were a bit younger!

Winning the bronze in 2012

Far easier to be comfortable with a bronze medal at 40 than to win a bronze aged 24 or indeed a 4th place at 28. Still initial disappointment.

They (the 8) went out to win. It was in Greg’s words; something to be proud of.

Over the course of the next week, they celebrated and commiserated in different ways.

Final take-away

Keeping life in perspective and enjoying the present. Enjoy the moment as best as you can.

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