On this episode I interview Andrea Goodridge, entrepreneur and owner of a business called Ad Florem and she’s on a mission to help people understand more about ‘energy in versus energy out’.

On work-life balance Andrea says;

If you can find out what gives you energy and where you can add energy; that’s where I get work-life balance. I make my own definition of work-life balance; I don’t compare mine with anyone else’s.


Andrea has a background of working within learning and development and has spent the last 20 years in this space.

In other words; she challenges leaders to challenge themselves. This includes thought processes, mind-set, how they’re feeling, behaviour and the impact that they’re having on other people.

Whilst others will be talking and focusing on resilience and burn out, Andrea is seeing something else with her work.

Leaders need to look inwards so that they can start to challenge themselves. There’s a general feeling of leaders being overwhelmed. Andrea is seeing them literally ‘falling off the table’. They don’t have any energy left and they are losing sight of who they are.

Where no support is being offered (internally within organisations), leaders are looking outside and self funding development and opportunity to have time away from the chaos.


I see my purpose as getting leaders to take time away from the chaos and focus on themselves.

This is what gets Andrea up in the morning because she knows that she’s able to get leaders to take time away and focus on themselves.

In Andrea’s line of work she sees that many leaders’ focus is in on targets, systems or processes. They might be dedicating time to culture, teams, services or customers but what’s missing is the ‘them’ bit.

Final take-away

You can’t be a great leader if you can’t be a great YOU.

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