On this episode I interview Fiona Murden, Occupational Psychologist, Speaker, Blogger and passionate about doing what makes your heart sing.

Fiona spends a lot of her time profiling senior leaders of organisations (around the world) and helps them find a good fit within the business. On the back of this she is involved with executive coaching within organisations.

Outside of the corporate world, Fiona is also a blogger with a fascination of understanding the brain and helping others make sense of things happening in their worlds.


Fiona started out reading medicine and openly admits to her own life never being a straight journey.

She does admit during the interview that she wanted to be a fighter pilot!

Fiona shares;

Even when you’re exploring; it gets messy, it’s difficult. You have to stick to it and find what makes your heart sing.

Making time to think

Fiona promotes the action of making time to think; time for thinking ahead. It’s easy to get caught up being busy and everything associated with that.

Society values busyness over thinking and our brain is geared up to action rather than contemplation.

Wanting to make a positive difference to peoples lives, Fiona embarked on the journey of writing a book.

Fiona is Author of Defining You: How to profile yourself and unlock your full potential and her first book was released earlier this year in April.

Packed with research and psychology, the driver for writing her book was to make the tips and ideas (which she uses within organisations) available to everyone.

She is both passionate and on a mission. Fiona has made it her purpose to help others understand their own purpose. It’s become ‘her itch’ and she’s determined to pursue this.


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