Interview with Bri Seeley; life coach, reflector and an inspirational woman who talks passionately about creating the space.

On this episode Bri shares her thoughts and personal experiences of operating from the inside out. Bri believes everything comes from within and she shares the benefits of beginning with stillness and creating the space for ourselves.

Her first book; Permission to Leap has been written to support people and help navigate them in their journey towards what they want to achieve. Bri touches on to-do lists, plans and ‘not enoughness’!

Listen out for how Bri lives her best version of herself and what’s possible, as she talks about ‘wholeness’ as an alternative to work-life balance.

“How do you make God laugh. Tell him your plans”

Bri is a big believer in putting your plans out there and the universe responding accordingly.

Check out Bri’s website and start a conversation with Bri;





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