On this episode I share my interview with Garry Turner, Founder of the Listening Organisation  and the newly created ‘Wellbeingchat’ community, focused on courage and vulnerability.

On work-life balance Garry says;

Until about 18 months ago I would have believed that it was statement. I’m finding progressively that we try and keep them separate, when they’re not. I see the term being out of date now. I prefer the term life-work quality.


Garry talks very passionately and openly about mental health and his own challenges with this. His personal view is we’ve learned to be the man. Marketing plays a big part in this and even our partners at times encourage us to ‘man up’.

He’s an international sales manager on the one hand and on the other hand he has this deep rooted passionate to humanise things. As Garry puts it; his formal job, versus the passion with the Learning Organisation.

However, he was looking to leave his work organisation about 4-5 years ago. He had the realisation that he wasn’t growing. As a result of this he became really curious about what was going on around him.

In Garry’s words;

These conversations allow you to reflect. He believed he could make a deep seated belief that he could make a change in his own organisation. He believes more of these conversations can happen if people are prepared to have courage and show vulnerability.

The Listening Organisation has evolved organically. It’s centred around key pillars; purpose and values, trust, curiosity, listening and inclusion. The goal is to create ‘safe spaces’ where organisations can come together and get present.


People are also victims

It’s easy to blame someone else. If we can just get present enough and understand where we are choosing to spend our time, it will allow us all to create so much more.

We are dealing transaction-ally with one another. By just being a little bit vulnerable to say we don’t know, could be the difference between having transacting and transforming conversations.

In terms of work, as a minimum we should be able to enjoy what we do. To love what you do is a golden chalice; the aspiration.

Final take-away

You’re already a 10/10; feel that and internalise that. Self care is not selfish; you can only be best for others if you’re first for yourself.

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