In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Jordan Gross, executive coach at Cloud Nine Living – where he shares ‘Heartwarming stories of the happiest moments from people’s days and lives!’

Cloud Nine Living

When have you felt like you were on Cloud Nine?

This is a question that Jordan poses to people he comes into contact with.

When I look at my life so far it would have to be;

  • Seeing my children come into the world and sharing so many funny moments with them.
  • My wedding day and hearing our singer do a wonderful version of Billy Joel; Just the way you are.
  • Living a life where I get to choose each day the work that I do with Ignite.

However, you’ll have your own Cloud Nine Living moments and you can read more here.

The study and presentation of Cloud Nine feelings and a Cloud Nine life is an effort to show you that no matter the circumstances, there are opportunities for positivity, for happiness, for redemption. By making the decisions and choosing the life you want to live, rather than think you have to live, you will always live life on Cloud Nine. 


Jordan is a 2 time author, 3 time founder and ted x speaker.

He’s currently on a mission to appear on 90 shows (podcasts) in 90 days which includes this one!

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If you would like to know more about Jordan Gross, check out his website. Share your ‘Cloud Nine Living’ moments with Jordan and myself.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Jordan will be available here.