On this episode I interview Katy Murray & Fiona Smith from Catalyst Collective; the co-founders of a global network of world changing women with a focus on changing the dialogue.

They came together and founded Catalyst Collective just over 12 months ago and provide a community and resources, including on-line programmes and face to face coaching.

Both have 20 years’ experience in organisational consulting and leadership development and focus now on sharing that expertise (wisdom) with women leaders, and consulting with organisations that want to make a difference around inclusion.

Through their research

What they are seeing in organisations is a model of leadership which is 50-60 years old. People are unsure what ‘good’ leadership looks like. This model was shaped in a time when men dominated the workplace.

They are seeing women grappling with ‘what is authentic leadership’ and how can they remodel what ‘good’ looks like. In addition it’s not just women either; it’s men as well who are demonstrating feminised and masculine leadership.

Passionate about what you do

Hugely passionate about the work they are doing, they talk about the importance of full-body joy. However, saying yes to everything can become overwhelming and lead to a feeling of burnout.

Katy says;

Everything we say yes to, is a no to something else.

Through their own experience they have got better at saying no and more importantly being aware of themselves impact of saying yes all the time.

Next time

In part 2 of the interview Katy & Fiona share their insight and research into the gender pay gap, shifting the focus of discussion and how do we re-define leadership.

If you’re working on diversity and inclusion, or if you want to be part of creating a more inclusive culture in your business or company, you can sign up here to join Catalyst Collective’s change catalyst community.

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