On this episode I share my interview with Cody Royle; author and host of Where Others Won’t, challenging the norms and going where others won’t.

Cody is also the managing editor of Inner Voice with the goal of utilising the power of endurance sports to inspire change.

When he’s not writing or speaking, Cody is working with Australian Football League Team Canada as their Head Coach.

Cody Royle - AFL Canada Head Coach


The first part of Cody’s career was in the corporate world. He was an account executive in sales and recruitment. He was a ‘job title’ and this never really sat well with him.

The point of discovery for him was having the confidence to flip over. He walked into his boss’s office one day and quit. He’d been writing and blogging for a while. It quickly became apparent to Cody that he could do this all day long and he absolutely loved it.

The book became Cody’s exit from the corporate world. Built on 10-12 years of frustration with the way teams were built in the corporate space; married with the conversations he’d been having with others in the sporting world.

Where others won’t

The book is mostly about how teams create a competitive advantage and generally they need to go where others won’t.

Full of insight from leaders in sport and business, the book is challenging norms around everything that we’ve built competitive advantage on in the past.

Most organisations are now realising that their people are their competitive advantage.


Things haven’t always gone to plan for Cody. He played Aussie rules at a high level and didn’t quite get drafted. By his own admission he was just outside that level.

At 18 he was basically;

Spat out of the system; and all that he wanted to be was no longer available to him.

Since then it’s been a series of making decisions and walking through doors. One was to leave Melbourne at 25 and pack up and move to Canada. He restarted his career selling mobile phones at the Blue Jays stadium and since then that same methodology has served him well.

Cody Royle

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