On this episode I interview with Phil White, co-author of several brilliant books including Unplugged with Andy Galpin & Brian McKenzie, Game Changer with Fergus Connolly, 17 hour fast with Dr Frank Merritt – challenging some of our assumptions.


Phil was a guest on the show in Series 1 (episode 5) and we pick up where we left off last time; talking about technology and social media and the impact that it’s having on our mental health.

Having taken a 30 day sabbatical from all social media as an experiment whilst working alongside Kenny Kane, Phil has found it hard to pick up social media again and re-adjust to having that back as part of his life.

During the 30 day period he found himself challenging some assumptions and questioning the value and purpose of posting stuff on social media at all.


One of the things that Phil has been able to rediscover is the art of what he calls; long form conversation. Conversation whereby you are looking the other person in the eye, gauging response and observing body language as well.

Ask yourself; what is it taking you away from?

This is beautifully highlighted and illustrated by the ‘Device free dinner’ Campaign in which Will Ferrell is the star.

What Phil keeps seeing and coming back to is ‘long form’. Magazines that he writes for have shifted their focus from short articles or hacks to now wanting more journal type articles.

He says;

One of the reasons that podcasts like this are so popular and some of those in the US are massively popular like Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan is that people love them. They love them because they take the place of conversation.

Final take-away

Take a daily walk. 20-30 minutes ideally in nature.

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