Blitz Your Balance – 10 Day On-line Programme

  • “I recently took part in Jeff’s Blitz Your Balance. As it was Facebook based, it was easy to connect daily. Throughout the course, Jeff took all participants on a reflective journey and encouraged us to consider our daily activities in a fresh new way. In our busy lives, we forget to stop and consider what works for us and what is holding us back. Jeff made the course interactive so the participants got to know each other through responses and were able to bounce ideas of each other. In addition, Jeff filmed live Facebook videos which provided insightful and uplifting information. Jeff is extremely talented at what he does with great coaching skills, he goes the extra mile to ensure to get the most out of people, and as a result their business become more efficient and grow to their maximum potential.”

From time to time things get on top of us. When they do, we naturally find ourselves out of balance. This can then have an impact on our well-being.

Using our formula for change:


This 10 day on-line programme is for you, if at the moment…

Life feel like a series of ups and downs.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

One area of your life (usually work) is taking over.

Your well-being is being affected and neglected.

You’re telling yourself that it’s time to take back control of your life.

Let’s get started and Blitz your balance.


This 10 day Programme is for you, if you are;

    • Constantly busy.
    • Have limited time (each day or each week).
    • Feeling out of balance.
    • Committed to make changes in your life now.


During the 10 day programme we explore together;

        • What’s happening / not happening in your life right now?
        • What’s most important to you?
        • What are you wanting to change?
        • What would a better and more positive well-being look like to you?


This 10 day programme consists of;

    • A daily task posted in the Facebook Group.
    • 20-30 minute focus each day (as a minimum).
    • Being part of a small group (maximum of 12); sharing as well as helping and supporting one another.
    • Completing your own reflective journal.
    • Access to ongoing coaching support from one of our coaches during the 10 days.

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