On this episode I interview Angela Cox; Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker & No 1 Best-selling Author, who helps others on their journey to ‘being their best self’.

Passionate and driven on by her own earlier experiences in life, Angela is also on a journey herself.

From being abused as a child to spending all of her adult life on a diet and being fat, Angela is very honest and open during our interview. A secret binge eater alongside being a high powered *successful) executive; she went on yet another diet in 2016 only this time things were different.

What changed?

Well it turned that this latest diet was a healthy eating diet with incorporated exercise, and at the same time Angela started reading a book called Positive Thinking. The book talked about affirmations and she started doing them every day without fail.

Everything combined together allowed Angela to lose over 8 stones in weight! At the same time the inner critic’s voice inside of her started to become more positive.

As part of her own journey she’s realised that happiness doesn’t come from stuff.

The book

‘Enough’ is a compelling account of self determination and survival written with absolute honesty and passion. Part memoir, part manual full of tips, tricks and rituals to integrate into your life to be the best you, you can be.

Here’s some wise words of wisdom from Angela;

Stop the comparison thing because it sucks the life out of people. 

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