In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I share my interview with Nina Grunfeld, founder and creator of Life Clubs and a woman of many other talents.

Prior to meeting, Nina had instantly agreed to my request on LinkedIn to talk more about Life Clubs and my idea of Perfect Imbalance.

When I met her I was instantly struck by her energy and passion for listening and helping others.

There was a definite synergy between us from the off and I was excited about talking more on the podcast.

Being part of a club

Life Clubs have been running for 15 years and counting.

What a story it is as well.

Through exploring personal development Nina’s self-esteem grew, and she began to see how she could help others by creating holistic workshops based around coaching and mentoring within a group environment.

Nina Grunfeld



Nina admits that;

Most of my life I felt under-confident, not good enough, an outsider.


Life Clubs blend personal development with positive psychology, coaching and cognitive behavioural therapies. It’s no wonder that they receive fabulous feedback and have grown across the UK and into Europe.

They meet monthly and have a different focus for each month. You can find out more details of your local club here.

Life Clubs







With a growing demand and emphasis being placed on well-being and mental health it’s no surprise to see that the approach from Life Clubs has been taken into the workplace.

Whether it’s leadership & management, career development or employee engagement; there’s a lot to be gleaned and gained from introducing this into your business.

Who wouldn’t want employees with increased confidence and motivation?

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Life Clubs and where you can get involved, check out the link.

The latest episode of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast with Nina will be available here.