On this episode I interview Jim Lawless; motivational speaker, author of the book Taming Tigers and living proof of why we all need to act boldly as time is limited.

As a result of an unfulfilled job as a corporate lawyer and unsure about what the future looked like, Jim decided to act boldly and left the city to explore what would give him greater purpose in his life.

Jim shares his story and how Taming Tigers came about.

As a result of taking on a bet from one of the audience to ride a horse in a televised race, Jim embarked on training to become a Jockey. First of all it’s worth pointing out that Jim had never been on a horse before in his life. People laughed of course and some of the videos of Jim (learning to ride) are hilarious.

Taming Tigers is centred on Ten rules;

1.Act boldly today – time is limited
2.Re-write your rule book – challenge it hourly
3.Head in the direction of where you want to arrive, every day
4.It’s all in the mind
5.The tools for Taming Tigers are all around you
6.There is no safety in numbers
7.Do something scary everyday
8.Understand and control your time to create change
9.Create disciplines – do the basics brilliantly
10.Never, never give up!

Furthermore in this episode, Jim shares some of the risks that he’s taken and how he sometimes feels confidently lost (similar to Gavin Oattes on episode 14). He talks about his own vulnerability and turning up messy.

Some final words of wisdom from Jim;

Enjoy it. We’re not here forever. Don’t get down about it; let’s enjoy today.

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